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NaijaCEO is owned by Micah Erumaka and Managed under Liaoncem Solutions. Micah Erumaka is one internet Entrepreneurs in Nigeria he started his first company at the age of 18 few years ago and is currently one of the few fast-rising Entrepreneurs in Africa.

We are pleased that you found us. Please do take the time to read these terms & conditions carefully. These terms & conditions tell you how you can use our site and how you can relate to others while using our site. If you do not agree with us on these terms & conditions, we advise that you exit the site or contact us.

We reserve the rights to review these terms & conditions periodically. Whenever we do so, we will put the updated version of the terms & conditions and we advise that you take note of that.  We will indicate the date of our last update on our site.

Personal Information And Privacy

You will find detailed explanation on how we will collect, use and store your personal information in our cookie and privacy policy. Please learn more about that by going to the link to the privacy policy.

All information contained in our website including articles, texts, reviews, photographs, graphics, comments, opinions, adverts, etc. are the intellectual property of NaijaCEO and should in no way be copied, modified, broadcasted, rewritten, distributed, redistributed, published or altered in any form without prior  written and signed agreement with NaijaCEO

Third Party Content

This site is user friendly and users have the freedom to post contents and comments which we refer to as third party content. Therefore, we at NaijaCEO waive any liability to any third party user content that is posted to this site. We will not endorse any Third Party Content that is a personal opinion, political or controversial and we, therefore, state that any of such views that are so expressed may not represent the views of NaijaCEO and that NaijaCEO shall not be responsible or liable for any Third Party Content. NaijaCEO will not be responsible for any consequences directly or indirectly linked to the use of such third party content.

We will maintain oversight on Third Party Content but we will not be strict with contributions from users except they are offensive, illegal or immoral. However, if NaijaCEOor any of our users have pressing concerns about any content, we may, after appropriate reviews, remove such Third Party Content from the site with or without notice.

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