A Complete Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF
Published On:December 14, 2021
Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria Pdf

This Cucumber Farming business plan in Nigeria Pdf is regularly updated and can also be used to obtain loans and grants etc.

Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria Pdf

Running a Cucumber Business in Nigeria can be a very profitable business venture in Nigeria. It provides one of the finest opportunities to make good money in a very short time. But many Nigerians overlook this business opportunity and instead prefer white-collar job opportunities.

With the way things are going in Nigeria currently, The Nigerian government is trying to move away from crude oil to agriculture and to make this possible the government will need all the help they can get and since cucumber is the 8th most cultivated vegetable in the world right behind Corn( Maize) Sugar Cane, Cassava, Tomatoes Watermelon, sweet potatoes and of course onion, the government is trying to take advantage of the situation to support farmers doing  Cucumber farming because as it stands it is one the most popular vegetable sold at various spot in the street and market.

Sample Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria Pdf –

If you’re thinking about how to start a cucumber farm, then you’re definitely in the right place. Make sure you read this article till the end because in it lies your success and motivation in cucumber farming.

After reading this Cucumber farming business plan in Nigeria PDF, you will be well-equipped and be on your way to starting your own cucumber farming business in easy and simple steps.

Table Of Content

1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 Company Description
3.0 Products
4.0 Market Analysis
5.0 Marketing Strategy and Implementation
6.0 Organization and Management
7.0 Financial Plan
8.0 Summary

1.0 Executive Summary:

(Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF) Company Limited is today a one-acre working farm with over 30 varieties of vegetables.

When (Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF) was laid off from his corporate position three years ago, he first he turned to the vegetable garden for money-saving / economic reasons. But with the uncertainty of recent events in the South East, the unemployment crisis, (Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF) and his wife Kathy, turned to cucumber farming in Nigeria for a source of living

(Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF) company is based on the sound principles of conserving natural resources, limiting the carbon footprint, growing, hiring, and eating locally grown vegetables, and making the world a better place to live in. This unique perspective clearly shows in the quality of the produce, the well cared for gardens, and the natural friendliness and ease of its owners.

(Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF) company limited was created to meet the growing needs for vegetables more especially cucumber in Nigeria.


(Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF) plans to concentrate on vegetables as its primary product. This includes growing Cucumbers, carrots, romaine lettuce, leeks, red onions, summer squash, spinach, pumpkins, winter squash, globe beets, and winter greens. The company’s farm will have a capacity sufficient to produce in excess of 200,000 lbs. of vegetables per year.

The Market

Over the past 10 years, the market for organic food has grown by 15% to 20%, and every year 40% of Nigerian. consumers occasionally consume something labeled organic. Sales for organic/vegetable foods are expected to top $11 billion this year as a whole world. Sales by farmers’ markets have increased by 79% since 1994, to 3,137 markets in all 50 states, and the number of farmers who sell at them has more than tripled to 67,000. About 1 million Nigerians a week now looking for fresh vegetables like cucumber and carrot, This makes for an excellent environment for an industry participant such as (Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDFCompany Limited that is willing to compete in a niche market and be first to be innovative.

1.1 Business Objectives

(Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDFcompany limited has simple objectives: provide healthy and delicious tasting vegetables while simultaneously leaving a minimal carbon footprint. In order to accomplish this, the farm plans to:

  • Sell 60 shares by Year 2 and have full-time income or 90 shares sold by Year 3.
  • In Year 4,(Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF) in Nigeria plans to purchase an additional 9 acres for a total of 12 acres. The initial 3 years of operations will provide excellent credit history and track record necessary for this large purchase.

1.2 Mission Statement

(Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF) Company Limited mission is to raise the best tasting and finest quality fruits and vegetables for the local community. (Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF) Company Limited uses only natural and sustainable farming methods, free from pesticides or fertilizers. Natural foods and natural farming methods leave a smaller carbon footprint while simultaneously improves the health of its customers and its local community.

1.3 Guiding Principles

(Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF) Company Limited slogan is simple: “Eat Vegetables and gain more life ”. The owners also believe in contributing to their community and the planet by:

1. Local
(Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF) Company Limited believes that in order for the survival and boosting of the economy of Nigeria, we must rely on local resources. Buying from local farmers supports the local economy.

2. Sustainable Living
By reducing reliance on energy is better for the planet and conserves our natural resources.

3. Satisfied Customers
Happy members ensure repeat business and their referrals grow the business.

2.0 Company Description

(Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF) Company Limited and Kathy Burns run, manage, and operate (Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF) Company Limited Farm. The company initially sold the farm produce to local restaurants with a surplus (waste) sold at the local farmers market.

2.1 Legal Form

(Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF) Company Limited Cucumber Farm is C-Corporation formed in Lagos state. The entity is wholly owned by (Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF) Company Limited

3.0 Products

(Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF) Cucumber Farm’s growing season will start in early May and end in October with the goal of 20 weeks. We will mainly focus on Cucumbers which is 70% of our business then Carrots, Garlic, Green Onions, Kale, Lettuce (several varieties),

4.0 Market Analysis

To get your complete Sample Cucumber Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF, including the detailed financial analysis, call any of our business plan consultants on 08122230861 or send an email to chibuezemicahe@gmail.com.

business plan for cucumber farming

Step On How To Start A Cucumber Business In Nigeria.

Cucumber farming in Nigeria is not as complex as other areas of agriculture, so you can start small with relatively little or no experience.

Cucumber farming in Nigeria is one of those opportunities that are begging to be explored. So, if you too have already realised the potential and importance of cucumber farming, then you are obviously already on the right track.

In many nations of the world, the agric sector has been proven to be one of the major income generators. As a matter of fact, no nation can survive without a vibrant agric sector or putting in place a provision for the importation of food for its citizens. So as an entrepreneur if you are looking for a business to start, you can consider starting your own agriculture related business and one of the business you can successfully start is a cucumber farm. in Nigeria

Cucumber is a vegetable that is widely consumed all over the world in different form due to the health benefits it posses; in some quarters, cucumbers are referred to as super – food simply because of the overall health benefit one stands to gain when it is consumed

Statistics has it that cucumber happens to be among the top 4 vegetable that is cultivated and consumed on a global scale.

Cucumber Farming in Nigeria is very profitable due to the fact that it is a vegetable that has the highest demand in the market right now due to the fact that it can be eaten wholly or used for salad and other food purposes, it is also very rich in mineral and as such very good for the body.

Business Opportunities In Cucumber Farming In Nigeria

1). It Can Be A Good Source Of Food:

Cucumbers are a very great source of food and water, as they contain 96% water and can be consumed raw in the form of salad or pickled.

2). Can Be Used For Skin Care Or Cosmetics:

Cucumbers are used in cosmetic industry for the production of soaps, lotions, shampoos, and fragrances.

Starting A Cucumber Farm

Step 1: Choose A Location

Even if cucumber can be grown in any part of the country in Nigeria , there are still some things to look out for concerning the soil type for farming. Normally, the soil should be loamy or clay and the land should have good access to water. The pH of the soil should be fairly neutral or slightly alkaline (close to 7.0).

Step 2: Create A Business Plan

This is a very important step you need to take before starting your cucumber business, this is because you don’t want to start a business without having a good structure for your business and also a business plan will help open your eye to vast opportunity in the cucumber business in Nigeria.

Step 3: Land Preparation

Land preparation involves cleaning the land and weeding it. Ensure that herbicides are not used to weed the land. This is because these herbicides contain chemicals that can affect soil quality and crop yield. It is advisable to apply organic manure to the soil in preparation for planting. Inorganic fertilizers like the NPK fertilizer can be applied in the ratio 15:15:15.

Step 4: Seed Selection

Seed choice is a significant advance in your cucumber cultivating adventure. Try to source for seeds that are sure to give you incredible harvest yield.

Seeds from Europe and America are not appropriate for the Nigerian atmosphere. In any case, seeds can be imported from Thailand since their atmosphere is like that of Nigeria. In the event that you need help on where to hotspot for your seeds, you can visit the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture to get their suggestions on the best kind of cucumber seeds.

Step 5: Planting

Cucumber can be planted at any time of the year. The plants generally need adequate water to thrive, so if you’re planting during the dry season, there should be an irrigation system in place to ensure sufficient water supply. You can plant on bed and you should ensure the right spacing between the plants.

The seed ought to be pushed somewhat into the bed at around 1 to 2 cm from the dirt surface. The separation between plants ought to be around 1 foot separated while the dividing between columns ought to be around 4 to 6 feets. 3 seeds ought to be planted per gap; anyway once develop happens, you can thin the plants to 2.

Step 6: Post Planting 

In the wake of planting, do guarantee that you uphold the developing plant with stakes or columns. Reason is that cucumber plants are climbers naturally and they need the fundamental help for ideal development.

Mulching is likewise a significant action. At the point when you mulch, you decrease the amount of manure, you’ll need post planting on the grounds that less nitrogen is lost through draining. Additionally, mulching makes the dirt warm and diminishes weed development.

Step 6: Marketing

When the cucumbers have been reaped, there ought to be a characterized distribution set up to move the product from the farm to the market. Clearly, this ought to have been figured out during your exploration. A readily available market coupled with a bountiful harvest is a perfect recipe for success in cucumber farming.

Ready To Start Your Cucumber Business In Nigeria Or Africa?

Maybe you dream of opening your own Cucumber  Business In Nigeria, but you’re still working out the details on how to make that dream a reality.

Well we are the leading Business consulting firm in Nigeria and can help you make the process much easier contact us with 08122230861

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Cucumber Farming Business in Nigeria Frequently Asked Question

What Are the problems affecting cucumber production in Nigeria?

Major problems affecting cucumber production in Nigeria include poor access to quality inputs like seeds and agrochemicals, pests and diseases, lack of technical skills, insufficient funding, inadequate storage and processing facilities, and logistics issues getting produce from farms to markets.

Which vegetable farming is more profitable in Nigeria?

Tomatoes, onions and chilli peppers are currently the most profitable vegetables to farm in Nigeria. However, innovative cultivars of cucumbers, leafy greens, carrots, garden eggs and indigenous veggies have also gained higher market value recently.

How many months does it take a cucumber to mature?

Cucumbers take 1.5 to 3 months to mature in Nigeria from transplanting seedlings to first harvest depending on the variety planted. Most common varieties mature within 2 months under suitable growing conditions. 

What is the spacing for cucumbers in Nigeria? 

For commercial plots, cucumbers are typically spaced 60cm to 90cm apart within rows and about 1 meter between rows to optimize plant density and yields based on prevalent practices in Nigeria. 

How long does cucumber take to grow in Nigeria?

In Nigeria’s climate, cucumbers take around 60-75 days from planting to first harvest when high-yielding hybrid varieties are grown following best practices. So about 2-2.5 months on average till crops reach maturity and initial harvest.

How many cucumbers grow per plant?

Each healthy cucumber plant can produce an average of 10-25 fruits per harvest cycle when grown using trellises and optimal fertilization in Nigeria. Hybrid varieties under proper cultivation produce towards the higher end while local landraces yield less per plant.

Which month is best to plant cucumber in Nigeria?

October to December are the best months suited for planting cucumber in Nigeria at the start of the dry season. This allows fruits to develop during peak dry months and get harvested by the start of the next rainy season.

What is the fastest way to grow cucumbers?

Using black plastic mulch to enhance soil warmth, installing a trellis for optimal foliage spread and light interception, maintaining consistent soil moisture, and regular feeding with nitrogen-rich organic fertilizer leads to the fastest growth of cucumber vines and fruits.

How much does cucumber yield per hectare in Nigeria?

Cucumber productivity ranges wildly but on average, commercial farms harvest about 6 to 12 metric tons per hectare in Nigeria. With excellent crop management and high-density planting using hybrids, yields of over 20 tons per hectare are achievable.

What is the best variety of cucumbers in Nigeria? 

Widely adapted hybrid varieties like Poinsett 76, Diva, Jawell, Corinto and Hera perform best across most regions in Nigeria. They have excellent yields and disease resistance suited for commercial cultivation.

How many kg does a cucumber plant produce? 

A healthy cucumber plant grown using trellises can yield about 3-5 kg per harvest cycle. So each plant has the potential to provide around 15-25 kg annual yield across 4-5 harvests under suitable tropical conditions and crop management prevalent in Nigeria.

Where can I sell cucumbers in Nigeria?

Distribution channels include direct sales to consumers at local markets and neighbourhood streets, supplying fruits and vegetable kiosks and roadside stands, selling to hotels and restaurant kitchens, and trading to fruit shops in urban centres.

How often should I fertilize my cucumbers?

During the peak vegetative phase, cucumber plants should be fertilized weekly with nitrogen-rich organic manure or compost. Once fruits start developing, fertilizer application can be reduced to once every 2-3 weeks based on plant vigour monitoring in line with commercial practices in Nigeria.

What is the best feed for cucumber plants?

Cucumbers need adequate nitrogen for vigorous foliage growth followed by good amounts of phosphorus and potassium during flowering and fruit development stages. Organic feeds like compost and livestock manure work very well under Nigerian conditions. 

What is the best irrigation system for cucumbers?

Drip irrigation under black plastic mulch is the most efficient system allowing slow release of water and fertilizer directed right at the roots while eliminating evaporation losses and weed growth which can impact yields. It is gaining wider adoption by commercial cucumber farms in Nigeria. 


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