I'm Micah Erumaka


I am a 4.5 rated freelance writer on a mission to investigate and research about content strategies used by small businesses, tech startups, internet marketers and firms. I write about my findings here at NaijaCEO.com and on other available online platforms across the world

Bio of Micah Erumaka

My name is Micah Erumaka, Nicknamed NaijaCEO because i began my entrepreneurship exploits early on in life.

At the age 18, I had launched a  smart city startup called Oyapark which  actually failed months down the line due to lack of market readiness and using the wrong content marketing channels

Oyapark was basically a smart-city startup that uses under-utilized land to reduce illegal on-street parking in CBD areas.

I ventured into freelance writing to focus more on helping small scale businesses come up with high value contents for their businesses.

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