The Story Of Micah Erumaka
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My Name is Micah Erumaka an addicted marketing and sales guy who runs the NaijaCEO .

Crazily my online Journey began at the tender age of 12 with my (MOTOROLA RAZR 2004) model phone, which i used to join a very popular old social media platform called 2go while also joining facebook. 

Back then it was just all about using this platform to make new friends while also interacting with old friends.

2 years down the line my Mum died and it really struck me and I started wondering what if my Dad was next? 

This made me start looking up ways to make money online, I discovered programming and web design which i went on to learn which also propelled me to launching my first company back then at the age of 18 called Oyapark.

Oyapark was a smartcity startup which used under-utilized land to reduce illegal onstreet parking in CBD areas. 

Well guess what? Oyapark was a complete failure.

While running Oyapark I got exposed to Direct customer interaction, Branding online marketing.

After the death of Oyapark i took a sober look to understand the caused death of a talented startup with a very great team in other to take my lessons. 

I have gone on to launch NaijaCEO a personal branding and entrepreneurship education agency that is empowering the risk african with skills required to end poverty and to compete favourably in the global econonomy. We are building brands and business for the modern age.

NaijaCEO can help you generate traffic and sales for your business with our unique online branding service.

Book a call with us by clicking on the big green button below and let us do what we do best.

Yours Sincerely
NaijaCEO - Micah Erumaka


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