Most Complete Standard Poultry Farming Business Plan in Nigeria with 3 Years Financial Analysis

poultry farming business plan in Nigeria

Passing by the high demand for meat in Nigeria, a Poultry farming business has great odds of success. But the accomplishment and success of the business relies generally on having a good  Poultry Farming business plan combined with the right Business skill and experience

This standard poultry farming business plan is developed to help smart poultry entrepreneurs that can not afford high fee for consultant to develop poultry business plan

The Nigerian poultry industry is estimated at ₦80 billion ($600 million) and is comprised of approximately 165 million birds, which produced 650,000 MT of eggs and 290,000 MT of poultry meat in 2013 and in, it has grown tremendously.  From a market size perspective, Nigeria’s egg production is the largest in Africa (South Africa is the next largest at 540,000 MT of eggs) and it has the 2nd largest chicken population after South Africa’s 200 million birds.

It is a fact that Nigeria presently consumes  1.5 million MT of frozen chicken annually. As at 2014, the locally produced chicken was estimated at 300,000MT, a capacity utilisation of 46 percent in an industry that currently boasts of a 650,000MT installed capacity. . In the same year, 1.2 million MT of frozen chicken, valued at N660 billion (equivalent to $2.75 billion) was imported.

Looking at this statistics, it shows that the demand for poultry product is so high and we are unable to meet demand locally. With the ban on importation of poultry products into the country, a huge market has been created for smart entrepreneurs to tap from this.

Due to popular demand from young and aspiring poultry entrepreneurs that have been seriously looking for funds and were asked to submit a poultry business plan, We at NaijaCEO have decided to create a standard poultry farming business plan that covers Layer Poultry Farmig and Broiler Farming 

This Poultry farming business plan contains key information about the organization, the business environment, technical requirements, production operation, management analysis, Marketing plan and other key info’s that you need to run a successful Poultry Business in Nigeria.

In the poultry business plan We cover:

1. Executive Summary
2. Description of Problem and Solution
   2.2 Vision
   2.3 Mission
   2.4 Value Proposition
   2.5 Business Objectives
   2.6 Critical Success Factor
   2.7 Current Status of Business
   2.8 Legal Requirement
   2.9 Contribution to Local and National Economy
   2.10 Contribution to SDG

3. SWOT Analysis

4. Market Analysis

5. Competitive Analysis & Risk Analysis

6.  Marketing Plan
 6.1  Description of Product (S) or Service (S)
 6.2 Potential challenges in the business industry
 6.3The Opportunity
 6.4Target Market
 6.5Marketing and Sale Strategy

7 .Production Plan/Operational Plan
 7.1 Description of the Location/Factory
 7.2 Raw Materials/consumables
 7.3 Production Equipment/Capital Expenses
 7.4 Equipment/Depreciation Table
 7.5 Pricing strategy
 7.6 Record/Stock Control Process
 7.7 Pre-operating Activities and Expenses

8. Organization Structure and Responsibilities
 8.1 Salary Schedule

9. Financial Plan
 9.1 Start Up Capital Estimation (Expansion Capital Estimation)
 9.2 Loan Details
 9.3 Business Risk and Mitigating Factor
 9.4 Financial Projections
 9.5 Sales Forecast And Sales Assumption
 9.6 Income Statement (P&L) Account

What is the cost of the Poultry Farming Business Plan?

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Uwazurike Nneoma

NaijaCEO is a trusted brand when it comes to crafting business plans, They helped me in creating a Business Plan for My Poultry business before I started. And the Poultry Business Journey has been great so far.

Mr Afolabi Gbenga  

Micah Erumaka You are a gifted man, Thank you for helping me out with the business plan for my Poultry Business when I wanted to raise funds for My business from TEF foundation. God Bless you! 

I want to say a big thank you for the business plan you sent. The plan is rich and detailed and professionally developed as explained on your web page. In fact the plan worth more than price. I have gone through the financial template and I have made some changes to suit my needs and would present it to my banker next. Am I going to present it together with the financial template or should I only present the business plan?

Can I also send it for you to help me review the financial before I submit?

Mrs. Chinyere Ugo

Micah Erumaka

The author Micah Erumaka

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