Standard Logistics Business Plan In Nigeria With 3 Years Financial Analysis

logistics business plan in Nigeria

Do you know that logistics is one of the fastest growing industries in Nigeria?

Logistics Business is one of the businesses that has been given different names. Some call it a delivery business while others call it a transportation business. Nevertheless, they all mean the same thing. Basically, the logistics business is all about moving goods from one destination to another, from the manufacturer to the final consumer.

Most Nigerians are becoming internet savvy and are engaging in online transactions more than before. Hence, the e-commerce business is becoming more acceptable and the logistic business is a complementary business to e-commerce. It’s complementary because goods bought online must be delivered to the customer

Is Logistics Business In Nigeria Profitable?

A major concern of anyone starting a business is whether the business is profitable or not. The profitability of a logistics business is determined by how many customers you can acquire per time, your pricing strategy, and delivery efficiency. Needless to say, there is a huge profit in the business when you have a solid strategy on market penetration and customer retention.

As long as the e-commerce business keeps advancing, the logistics business will still be relevant and profitable. If you understand the business, you can amass millions in the logistics business. For instance, if you have 20 businesses using your service, and each customer sends out 100 items every month, it means that, by the end of the month, you would have made 2,000 deliveries. In other words, you need to devise a good way to have repeat customers.

But it is Important that you make use of a Business Plan to have a clear financial forecast of the logistics business before you start or even purchase a bike for your logistics business in Nigeria.

What is Included in Our Logistics Business Plan In Nigeria

You dont have to go through the stress of creating a logistics business plan in Nigeria, We have done the research for you,  just reach out to us to get a well comprehensive logistics business plan in Nigeria that is very accurate with clear Finacial Forecast that will help you understand the profit margin of the Logistic business in Nigeria.

Some of the things included in our Comprehensive Logistics BusinessPlan In Nigeria.

1. Executive Summary
2. Description of Problem and Solution
   2.2 Vision
   2.3 Mission
   2.4 Value Proposition
   2.5 Business Objectives
   2.6 Critical Success Factor
   2.7 Current Status of Business
   2.8 Legal Requirement
   2.9 Contribution to Local and National Economy
   2.10 Contribution to SDG

3. SWOT Analysis

4. Market Analysis

5. Competitive Analysis & Risk Analysis

6.  Marketing Plan
 6.1  Description of Product (S) or Service (S)
 6.2 Potential challenges in the business industry
 6.3The Opportunity
 6.4Target Market
 6.5Marketing and Sale Strategy

7 .Production Plan/Operational Plan
 7.1 Description of the Location/Factory
 7.2 Raw Materials/consumables
 7.3 Production Equipment/Capital Expenses
 7.4 Equipment/Depreciation Table
 7.5 Pricing strategy
 7.6 Record/Stock Control Process
 7.7 Pre-operating Activities and Expenses

8. Organization Structure and Responsibilities
 8.1 Salary Schedule

9. Financial Plan
 9.1 Start Up Capital Estimation (Expansion Capital Estimation)
 9.2 Loan Details
 9.3 Business Risk and Mitigating Factor
 9.4 Financial Projections
 9.5 Sales Forecast And Sales Assumption
 9.6 Income Statement (P&L) Account

What is the cost of the Logistics  Business Plan?

Well if We say N30,000 it is worth it but We won’t give you for that amount and not even N20,000.

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Mr Uchenna

NaijaCEO is a trusted brand when it comes to crafting business plans, They helped me in creating a Business Plan for My logistics business before I started. And the Business Journey has been great so far.


Mr Kayode Gbenga  

Micah Erumaka You are really doing a good job with NaijaCEO, I am proud of you guys. Keep Helping entrepreneurs with your business plans.

I want to say a big thank you for the business plan you sent. The plan is rich and detailed and professionally developed as explained on your web page. In fact the plan worth more than price. I have gone through the financial template and I have made some changes to suit my needs and would present it to my banker next. Am I going to present it together with the financial template or should I only present the business plan?

Can I also send it for you to help me review the financial before I submit?

Mrs. Chinyere Ugo

Micah Erumaka

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