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Tai Lopez Review: Should I Buy Tailopez Course?
Review: Should I buy Tailopez course?
Tai Lopez Review: Should I Buy Tailopez Course?

Review Overview

Should I Purchase Tailopez course? This question is so frequently asked, this led us to doing a review of Tai's course, we do hope this review is of Value to anyone reading...

Who is Tai Lopez?

He is an investor, partner, internet marketer and advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses. To know more about Tai Lopez click here.

Course Price Range:

Price for each of his various course ranges from $97 - $900 Depending on the actual course that suits your need.


His course are value packed, comprehensive and is taught by multiple experts.


Most of his course are poorly arranged, Outdated in some places.

  • If you want to make money Online and willing to work hard then most of Tais courses would suit you
  • Tais Course Rating = (4.2)

Table of contents

  1. Tais lopez Background Information
  2. Tai Lopez top performing course background
  3. Is Tailopez Scam?
  4. Does Tailpoez give refunds?
  5. 5 Pros of Tailopez course.
  6. 3 Cons of Tailopez Course.
  7. Do we recommend Tais course?
  8. Who should buy this course?
  9. Tips for getting the best out of his course



Tais Background Information


Animated picture of Tai

Tai Lopez is an internet marketer an advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses as stated here, He is also an Investor and co-founder of Mentor Box, The largest book shipping club in the world. He believes in the notion that knowledge allows for opportunities in creativity and economic freedom in other to achieve what he believes to be a good life.

Early Life

Tailopez was born and raised in Long Beach, California

At age 6 he had already started his first small business selling Cherry tomatoes, After not being able to generate sales he switched business immediately and started a lemonade stand and earned lot more.

He is a college drop out. He used to work at GE Capitals, before he went on to become a certified Financial Planner

His initial growth in wealth came from his ownership in Elite Global Dating LLC, which he became an owner of in 2007. Now he does Business mentor-ship, online inner circles, conferences and has different “online courses”. He also runs a podcast “The Grand Theory of Everything” and has a Youtube channel with more than 900k subscribers and more than 1 billion views.

Tai reads a book a day and shares the book he reads to his book club platform that reaches more than a million people, Making it one of the biggest book clubs in the world

In the early summer of 2015 Tai had placed an ad on Youtube that targeted a massive audience. The video consisted of Tai showing off his Lamborghini inside of his garage as well as a giant bookcase covering the entire wall filled with books. The ad drew a massive audience curious and wanted to find out more about Tai and the message he was preaching. He called the strategy he used for the ad Interruption Marketing

The video which was viewed more than 60 million times, Helped Tai expand his idea and created a following where he was able to introduce one of his early course “67 Steps Program”


Tai Lopez 67 steps

67 steps program by Tai is one of the early if not first course launched by Tai Lopez. In this course, Tai tries to simplify personal profit as a way to be set free and create opportunities that can lead to a higher understanding of the good life

    • Things to know about 67 program
  • The course is web-based with videos that is 30 mins to an hour long
  • There is an Interactive active community
  • The course teaches you some basic things about Life eg: being Humble, Adaptable, Why you need a mentor, etc
  • The course cost only $67

Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA 2.0) Overview


Social Media Manager Tailopez

This is a 4 months program that teaches you how to make money by helping other business with their social media. Tai will show you in this course the processes to use to charge these businesses as much as $10k a month.


The program is divided into 4 main modules


Month 1 – Business Set-Up

Month 2 – Mastering Social Media Marketing

Month 3 – Acquiring Clients

Month 4 – Automating, Servicing & Building Your Team


    • Here are some things you will learn from Tais MMA 2.0 course
  • How to get your first $1,000 a month client within 4 months (some may reach this milestone sooner)
  • The best equipment to use for social media marketing
  • Method to setup email marketing channel for small businesses
  • Ways find clients and convince them to pay you
  • The best way to track your social media marketing

According to stats provided here more than 35,000 people have signed up. The course consist mainly of videos from variety of teachers.

cost Full price: $697. Often on sale for $97 or less.

Real Estate Mentor Overview


Tais Real Estate Course Overview

What is Tais Real estate mentor all about? Well, this course deals with various ways and strategies you could use to get other people to buy your real estate and how to do proper math to calculate the best real estate decisions, this course by Tailopez was launched together with Real Estate multi-millionaire Cole Hatter.


    • Here are some things you will learn from Real Estate Mentor
      • -How to find great Real Estate Deals.
      • -Structuring and getting money for the deals
      • -How to close deals and eventually cash out.


    • cost Full

price: $497. Often on sale for less.

E-comm Agency Overview

In this E-comm blueprint you will learn how to profile busineses that are already online, so you can profit from this skyrocketing trend. In addition to that, you’ll also discover how to use social media to conquer your competition and scale beyond 6-7 figures.

How does Tai Lopez ecomm agency works? Core steps:

        • Spot or identify the right type of business
        • Try to get their attention
        • Do the work professionally
        • Keep the customer on a retainer



Well you are asking this question because you are considering investing in one of Tais courses or you want to know! Well Tai Lopez is not scam But his courses require you to work your ass off to achieve success.


Does Tailopez give refunds?

There have been cases of delay in refunds and also having Non-refunds visit here to see story


5 Pros Of Tailopez Course


Pros of Tais Course

1. Comprehensive

      • Tai Lopez course are very comprehensive, In one of his major course Smma there are more than 64 hours video making up 130+ lessons on all aspects of building a social media marketing agency.

2. Taught by multiple experts:

      • The benefit of this is that you get to learn from successful individuals who have built there own Agency.

3. Active Community:

      • For Tai Lopez various courses he has an active community on social media where you can get to share your ideas with people from all over the world

4. Value packed:

      • His contents are value packed But only when you bring down yourself and stay focused and commited to learn from him thats when you actually get to learn, afterall even the great


      • Respects him, thats to show you how credible Tai lopez is

5. Success stories and cashing out

      • Many success storie have actually emerged from Tai lopez Smma course, He shares his students success stories on his

Ig account

      • and other social media platform

3 Cons of Purchasing Tai’s Course


Cons of Tais Course

1. Some Videos Outdated:

      • In this ever-evolving Digital world, It is necessary that every digital skill you try to improve or work on should be for the modern day, For example, A student complained that in the video you will find Tai talking about the new iPhone 7 and there’s no mention of GDPR (which is kind of a big deal).

2. Some teachers are more fluent and better than the others:


      • Most of the classes in his course are handled by a different expert, often times you as an individual have to adjust to the various teaching styles used by most of the teachers and might sometimes feel confused and lack understanding of what they lecture due to the fact that most expert teaching tones and communication skills dont match really matchup.

3. Lack of Orderliness:

      • Most of his videos in his various courses lack Proper arrangement and might need you to manual sort them out yourself for better understanding of the course and this might be quite stressful.

Do We Recommend Tai Lopez Course?


Who should buy the course?

Anyone that is willing to not just learn but implement what they learned and also work their ass off with great FOCUS!

How to get the best out of Tais course

          1. Willing to implement all that is taught
          2. Willing to stay committed and focused
          3. Willing to be in on the Long run

You can visit this link to check out Tai’s course
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